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Cycling Route

72.05 km
1,573 m
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David F
September 6, 2016·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Laragh to Wicklow Gap8.27 km334 m4.0%
WIcklow Gap to Lead mines4.39 km162 m2.9%
Wicklow Gap - West to car park6.72 km333 m4.9%
Wicklow Gap - going west6.72 km345 m5.1%
Wicklow Gap from Glendalough to viewing point6.67 km338 m5.1%
Wicklow Gap (Laragh Side)6.73 km331 m4.9%
Wicklow Gap (stops before car park)6.37 km324 m5.1%
Wicklow Gap6.48 km325 m5.0%
wicky6.16 km313 m5.1%
Wicklow Gap (W) steep middle part1.54 km109 m7.1%
Everesting Wicklow Gap4.39 km275 m6.3%
Wicklow Gap (W) last section1.28 km63 m4.9%
Wicklow Gap Main Descent (going west)7.52 km-245 m-3.3%
Wicklow Gap descent going West10.07 km-246 m-2.4%
Scalp Holywood side0.72 km23 m2.9%
Mark Byrne's hill sprint0.97 km29 m3.0%
Drumreagh climb1.41 km75 m5.2%
Unnamed Rd Climb2.48 km123 m4.9%
Carrignamweel going east1.02 km74 m7.2%
Rollercoaster14.76 km325 m0.8%
Slieve Mann (South) ▲3.22 km252 m7.8%
Slieve Mann (Cat 2.5, 3.1km)3.12 km259 m8.3%
Slieve Mann S and Shay Elliott Drumgoff10.58 km331 m1.6%
Slieve Mann from Aghavannagh3.21 km256 m7.8%
Slieve Mann going NE3.14 km245 m7.8%
Slieve Maan drop North - upper section to bend3.07 km-244 m-8.0%
Slieve Mann - Drumgoff Descent3.72 km-306 m-8.2%
Shay Elliot to the line3.04 km246 m8.1%
Shay Elliott from Glenmalure2.97 km234 m7.8%
SHAY2.94 km238 m8.1%
Revelation2.93 km239 m8.2%
shay2.84 km236 m8.3%
Shay Elliott WW200 Coffee Stop2.91 km242 m8.3%
Shay Elliot "shortened"2.87 km86 m3.0%
LM Shay Elliot climb N/Eastwards3.00 km186 m6.2%
glenmalure to shay elliot memorial2.77 km229 m8.3%
shea elliot glenmalure ascent2.56 km209 m8.1%
Shay Elliot Northbound2.82 km225 m8.0%
MBT Shay Elliot2.62 km216 m8.2%
Shay short test2.04 km143 m7.0%
Tour da Beast KOM/QOM1.19 km102 m8.5%
Shay Elliott - Derrybawn descent4.49 km-220 m-4.9%