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Circle of Death - Pyrenees epic

Cycling Route

157.66 km
5,745 m
Option for Pyrenees trip, if can get shuttled to start / end.  Route of Etape du Tour 2012 I think, although it started all the way back in Pau.  Brutal.
Created By
James Chesher

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
col d'aubisque17.10 km1,175 m6.9%
Col d'Aubisque16.83 km1,168 m6.9%
D918 Climb0.74 km87 m11.6%
Col'd Aubisque decent to salour7.49 km-343 m-4.2%
D918 Climb0.31 km83 m25.8%
D918 Climb0.44 km85 m19.0%
Pierrefitte-Nestalas0.78 km26 m3.3%
Gorge de Luz - Col du Tourmalet28.31 km1,613 m5.7%
Tourmalet from west, approach segment2.55 km109 m4.3%
Route De Luz Climb0.40 km70 m15.5%
D921 Climb0.48 km52 m10.9%
D149 Climb0.59 km44 m7.4%
Carreres Climb1.11 km68 m5.8%
Col du Tourmalet - West Approach20.02 km1,447 m7.2%
Bialla Climb4.28 km237 m5.5%
Tourmalet from west, to road fork11.85 km772 m6.5%
Col du Tourmalet14.10 km1,049 m7.4%
Luz Saint Sauveur to Hotel du Tourmalet7.49 km523 m6.9%
Tourmalet West17.37 km1,353 m7.8%
edge Luz to top Bareges6.88 km470 m6.8%
Cabadur Climb1.06 km78 m7.4%
Chemin Du Temple Climb2.47 km208 m8.4%
Courratge Climb1.53 km135 m8.7%
Fralet Climb2.69 km240 m8.9%
Route Du Tourmalet Climb0.46 km44 m9.6%
D918 Climb1.20 km145 m12.1%
Paul KOM?0.77 km73 m9.4%
Tourmalet descent to Saint Marie de Campan CHURCH.16.79 km-1,191 m-7.1%
Tourmalet descente vers ste Marie17.00 km-1,247 m-7.2%
Top of Tourmalet to La Mongie.3.67 km-315 m-8.6%
La mongie --- ste Marie 12.66 km-876 m-6.9%
La Mongie to Hairpin descent.3.19 km-288 m-9.0%
COL D'ASPIN (from Saint Marie de Campan)12.90 km636 m4.8%
EG QRP 200 Col d´Aspin ( Saint Marie de Campan )13.02 km637 m4.8%
Col D'Aspin12.56 km637 m5.1%
D918 Climb1.12 km83 m7.4%
Col D'Aspin (Payolle to summit)5.47 km372 m6.8%
Col d'Aspin officiel www.melivelo.com5.08 km386 m7.6%
Cows in the road12.17 km-765 m-6.1%
EG QRP 202 Col d¨Aspin Descente Arreau12.02 km-776 m-6.5%
Col d'Aspin Descent12.00 km-751 m-6.3%
D112 Climb1.29 km92 m7.1%
Musette Arreau Home Sprint0.44 km9 m2.1%
D618 Climb1.17 km87 m7.4%
Peyresourde to Peragudes turn4.54 km368 m8.1%
Peyresourde descente (1ère partie)4.77 km-404 m-8.4%
Peyresourde East (descent)13.05 km-951 m-7.3%
Peyresourde descente (2ème partie)4.85 km-363 m-7.0%
Peyresourde descente vers Luchon depuis inter Agudes8.19 km-542 m-6.6%
Peyresourde descente (3ème partie)3.26 km-192 m-5.9%