16.0 GS Henley Club Ride

Cycling Route

103.55 km
1,069 m
Created By
Blackett Ditchburn
October 31, 2016·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Bell Street burn0.29 km2 m-0.6%
Sprint to the Camera0.42 km0 m0.0%
Fair Mile (NW)1.85 km13 m0.7%
Pishill9.45 km181 m1.9%
Lower to Middle Assendon1.35 km12 m0.4%
Pishill approach4.38 km40 m0.9%
Pishill - Short climb HHC0152.74 km100 m3.6%
Patemore Lane Hill1.30 km68 m5.2%
Pishill Crunch Time0.56 km37 m6.5%
Howe Hill steep descent1.05 km86 m-8.1%
Insane Howe Decent3.13 km116 m-3.7%
Howe Hill descent 1.62 km93 m-5.7%
Downhill? Just on it.1.75 km27 m-1.5%
Clare-fully Does It0.76 km22 m-2.9%
Little rise to the stud0.21 km10 m4.7%
Kingsley road2.26 km7 m-0.2%
Kingsley road0.66 km1 m-0.2%
Stonebridge straight1.17 km6 m0.5%
BCC Stockwell to Marsh2.62 km6 m-0.1%
Kimble Climbs0.80 km24 m3.0%
OFFICIAL 100Climbs No23 Whiteleaf1.35 km128 m9.4%
Whiteleaf corner to Kop Hill0.64 km71 m10.5%
Kop Hill Down (End to End)1.14 km104 m-9.0%
Brimmers Road0.64 km40 m6.3%
Wardrobes1.05 km94 m8.9%
Parslows Hillock to Bryants Bottom Rd0.80 km9 m-0.4%
Clappins Lane1.21 km66 m5.5%
Bradenham Wood Descent1.99 km85 m-4.2%
Bradenham Dash1.13 km67 m-5.9%
Toweridge to Dashwood Arms1.96 km19 m1.0%
Studley Green1.70 km76 m4.5%
BCC A40 to Xmas Common4.86 km26 m0.0%
Motorway to top of paremore OH6.85 km29 m-0.2%
Christmas tree anyone?1.98 km15 m-0.5%
Christmas Common to Henley turning2.87 km21 m-0.7%
Christmas Common Wall to Nettlebed6.96 km51 m-0.6%
Top fox to tree barn1.36 km11 m-0.3%
Red Lane2.92 km26 m-0.8%
B481 Cookley to Park Corner1.88 km20 m-1.1%
B4811.12 km17 m-1.4%
Cookley Green to Nettlebed Downhill2.89 km17 m-0.6%
sprint from roundabout to dip0.52 km20 m-3.8%
Through the wood2.19 km39 m-1.8%
Downdipupdip0.53 km11 m-0.8%
Home run2.05 km25 m-1.2%
Sprint into Greys0.76 km5 m-0.6%
Malteaser2.22 km20 m-0.8%
Greys Road Full Torque0.63 km14 m-2.2%
Sprint to 30mph sign0.16 km1 m-0.4%
Greys Road Descent1.75 km44 m-2.5%