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WKRC Hilden Golf Club 17/11/13

Cycling Route

94.11 km
1,063 m
Club run to Hilden Golf Club.
Created By
Colin S

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Maidstone Road to Crockenhill Road3.05 km34 m0.2%
Watts Farm Climb1.10 km36 m3.1%
Norsted Lane0.79 km29 m3.7%
Pratts Bottom Drag3.71 km92 m2.5%
Knockholt Pound6.28 km125 m2.0%
Grays Rd to Hawleys Corner2.24 km13 m0.2%
Rags Reverse0.28 km12 m3.6%
Clarkes ln (Church Hill to Beddlestead)1.24 km39 m2.6%
The Ridge Eastbound2.74 km-24 m-0.6%
Grangers Hill Descent2.51 km-115 m-4.5%
Tandridge Lane to S4K HQ2.05 km-17 m-0.8%
Pikes Peak0.63 km12 m1.9%
bowerland lane to Haxted2.31 km-3 m-0.1%
Bowerland Lane to Edenbridge blast!4.65 km-17 m-0.1%
edenbridge to hever3.14 km13 m0.1%
Tangle Wood1.41 km43 m3.0%
Park Wood0.57 km-9 m-0.2%
Mill Ln Climb0.48 km10 m2.1%
The Little Brown Jug0.24 km13 m5.3%
Fleur to Philpot2.85 km34 m1.0%
Ring Hill0.41 km24 m5.8%
Sir Henry Cooper bend.... RIP0.68 km-3 m-0.3%
Woodland Rise0.73 km17 m2.3%
Woodland Rising0.29 km14 m4.8%
mote rd, bottom to top, full2.88 km72 m2.4%
Mote Road Climb1.49 km66 m4.3%
Mote Road (steep section)0.79 km46 m5.8%
Kemsing Station to Heaverham1.17 km21 m1.7%
A225 roller6.55 km-69 m-0.8%
Blast out of Pilgrims Way1.15 km23 m1.2%
Otford to Farningham A2258.18 km-64 m-0.5%
A225 @ Pilgrims Way East8.09 km-67 m-0.6%
A225 rise out of Otford0.65 km22 m3.3%
Fackenden Ln -> A20 via A2256.60 km-62 m-0.7%
Lavender fields blast1.03 km21 m2.1%
castle road to eynsford1.73 km-31 m-1.8%
Eynsford Rd to RND sprint0.59 km-19 m-3.0%
bridge 2 bridge2.15 km-19 m-0.6%
Home run.6.07 km-41 m-0.5%
Dartford Road/Hawley Road (Easier way)6.11 km-45 m-0.6%
Farningham Rd Station - Church HIll (Hawley Rd)3.99 km-23 m-0.5%
Devon Road to beadles4.22 km-23 m-0.5%
Sutton at Hone blast1.91 km-19 m-1.0%
Sutton Hawley Dartford Dash2.46 km-10 m-0.4%