Little River Roundabout

Cycling Route

24.61 mi
2,104 ft
Created By
Brad Campbell
December 20, 2016·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Lake Imaging to Jump Creek0.72 mi207 ft5.4%
Lot to Lot4.86 mi344 ft0.3%
Up to the air strip0.60 mi197 ft6.2%
Climb to the Air Strip0.30 mi141 ft8.7%
Cascade Lake Rd descent4.14 mi-623 ft-2.8%
Cascade Rd. to Hart Rd. Descent4.20 mi-581 ft-2.6%
Cascade Lake Rd: Bridge to Hart (descent)2.72 mi-207 ft-1.2%
Dupont Rd to Sky Valley climb0.75 mi282 ft7.1%
CTS FTP Hill1.40 mi469 ft6.3%
Crab Creek to Staton Summit1.34 mi472 ft6.7%
staton rd climb0.62 mi256 ft7.7%
Harnes Trail Climb1.29 mi446 ft6.5%
One Mile Smile :-)1.11 mi-292 ft-5.0%