Fish Rock

Cycling Route

71.21 mi
9,654 ft
Created By
Bike Monkey
December 29, 2016·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Mountain View Rd (Boonville to Faulkner)1.50 mi705 ft8.8%
Fish Rock Land to Sea 27.34 mi-2,231 ft-0.3%
Bear Wallow Creek Descent1.93 mi-558 ft-5.5%
Mountain View Rd (Rancheria Creek to Signal Ridge Rd)4.19 mi1,722 ft7.8%
Mountain View Rd Climb1.12 mi659 ft11.1%
Mountain View Rd Climb1.13 mi512 ft8.5%
Mountain View Rd West (last section)2.70 mi755 ft5.0%
Mountain View Road Descent3.09 mi-1,430 ft-8.6%
Mountain View Middle Descent 1.44 mi-856 ft-11.3%
Hump to Point Arena Lighthouse0.55 mi148 ft5.1%
Tenmile Rd Climb1.80 mi548 ft5.7%
Ten Mile Cutoff Rally Segment5.38 mi374 ft1.3%
Iversen Rd Climb1.22 mi413 ft6.4%
Fish Rock: Iversen to 12824.94 mi-1,742 ft-0.3%
Fish Rock Road - FULL climb to Overlook4.67 mi1,775 ft5.7%
Fish Rock - All Dirt14.48 mi1,778 ft2.0%
Fish Rock Rd Climb1.51 mi801 ft10.0%
Fish Rock Road Full Climb3.82 mi1,772 ft8.8%
Fish Rock Main Climb West to East3.69 mi1,683 ft8.6%
Gualala Lookout Rd Climb1.68 mi883 ft9.9%
Fish Rock Rally Segment10.62 mi-758 ft-0.4%
Gravel King Fish Rock DH1.60 mi-787 ft-9.0%
Fish Rock DH'er6.56 mi-787 ft-2.1%
Fish rock first dh1.42 mi-682 ft-9.0%
Fish Rock Rd Climb1.21 mi262 ft4.1%
Wet Kipper !2.63 mi525 ft3.8%
Fish Rock Rd Climb1.21 mi348 ft5.4%