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Mt. Lemmon

Cycling Route

99.21 mi
9,479 ft
Out and back from downtown Tucson to the summit of Mt. Lemmon
Created By
The Airport Ninja

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Le Buzz to top24.76 mi5,571 ft4.3%
Catalina Highway - Road To The Climb V24.39 mi289 ft1.2%
Lemmon - Viv's to Observatory32.11 mi6,542 ft3.9%
Cat Hwy/Houghton - Melpomene V21.47 mi56 ft0.6%
Mount Lemmon21.22 mi5,377 ft4.8%
Snyder 4-way to mile 00.85 mi108 ft2.4%
E Mt Lemmon Hwy Climb1.09 mi269 ft4.6%
MP 0 to Molino Basin5.64 mi1,509 ft5.1%
True Mile 0 to 7 Cataracts Parking9.11 mi2,470 ft5.1%
Mt Lemmon MP 0 to Windy Point13.96 mi3,596 ft4.9%
Mt Lemmon Milepost 0 to 11.00 mi276 ft5.2%
Lemmon opening scene0.57 mi161 ft5.4%
Mile Post 0 to Bad Bad Dog2.55 mi666 ft4.9%
Team GARBAge AST0.74 mi184 ft4.7%
1st turn to 5th0.82 mi213 ft4.9%
MP1-MP21.02 mi262 ft4.9%
FOR HARAMBE0.21 mi72 ft6.4%
The flat part0.86 mi200 ft4.4%
MILE30.99 mi246 ft4.7%
Bad Dog to MP30.32 mi98 ft5.8%
Babad Do'Ag to Molino2.79 mi735 ft5.0%
MILE41.00 mi266 ft5.0%
MILE50.99 mi269 ft5.1%
Pay Booth to Molino0.38 mi72 ft3.6%
Molino to Gordon H Interval1.71 mi479 ft5.3%
molino to top bugs road climb5.89 mi1,476 ft4.7%
Molino to 7Cats 3.45 mi935 ft5.1%
Mile 61.01 mi289 ft5.4%
Mile 71.02 mi295 ft5.4%
Gordon to Thimble Peak Vista1.14 mi361 ft6.0%
9 Mile Sprint0.28 mi72 ft4.8%
7 Cats to Middle Bear2.34 mi535 ft4.3%
CH M10 to M2111.50 mi2,861 ft4.7%
7 cats to windy point4.91 mi1,276 ft4.9%
The Canyon to 6000ft marker2.08 mi515 ft4.7%
Mile-111.00 mi308 ft5.8%
fast and flat0.68 mi121 ft3.4%
08/08/10 Tucson, AZ1.01 mi289 ft5.4%
Final Push to Windy Point1.98 mi636 ft6.1%
Final Sprint to Windy0.33 mi89 ft5.0%
windy point to ski run10.63 mi1,473 ft2.1%
Windy Point to Palisades5.55 mi1,316 ft4.5%
Mt Lemmon Hwy Climb1.02 mi289 ft5.4%
Mt Lemmon Hwy Climb0.99 mi299 ft5.5%
Lemmon Descent21.59 mi-5,003 ft-4.3%
Down from Windy Point Vista13.74 mi-3,392 ft-4.7%
Zoom Zoom0.44 mi-125 ft-5.1%
Molino Basin to MP05.53 mi-1,467 ft-5.0%
Final Kick0.63 mi-187 ft-5.6%
Sabino Canyon Decent0.83 mi-43 ft-0.9%