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Bigger MS v2 - pt1

Cycling Route

76.06 km
706 m
Created By
Richard Sanderson

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
St Andrews to Cupar A9114.24 km49 m0.1%
Old Course Hotel to Easter Kincaple2.79 km-4 m0.0%
Bike Path2.87 km10 m0.0%
St Andrews to Cupar (Revised)12.54 km49 m0.2%
750m- Four green lines0.75 km5 m0.7%
Wee A91 cimb2.70 km30 m0.9%
Nippy Bridge reverse0.47 km-11 m-1.6%
Guardbridge Chippy - Cupar 8.17 km45 m0.3%
Chippy to Clayton!2.22 km29 m1.3%
Guardbridge hill sprint chippy to farm0.55 km19 m3.5%
Dairsie roundabout to 30 limit0.36 km14 m3.9%
Dairsie to Cupar4.24 km-29 m-0.6%
Prestonhall flyer1.85 km-16 m-0.9%
Sprint for cupar0.81 km-5 m-0.6%
Cupar to Stratheden Hump1.30 km16 m1.1%
Drum road to stratheden1.74 km-3 m-0.0%
Stratheden to Drum Road Sprint1.43 km5 m0.2%
BBHS Rush1.30 km-16 m-1.2%
West Park Road to Lady Wynd0.67 km-9 m-1.3%
Cupar sprint to the roundabout0.82 km9 m1.1%
Cupar to Guardbridge chippy8.55 km-31 m-0.0%
Contre-la-montre Osnaburgh3.29 km24 m0.6%
Dairsie flat 0.74 km-4 m-0.1%
From roundabout to bridge0.96 km-5 m-0.5%
Leuchars Blast3.54 km-28 m-0.7%
Clayton corner to seggie farm blast 0.99 km-7 m-0.7%
Seggie Farm to chippy sprint0.64 km-21 m-3.2%
Through guardbridge village from round about to toll road turn off1.28 km-4 m0.0%
Leuchars to Golf Club0.91 km12 m1.4%
Morendy Wood Stretch2.44 km14 m0.3%
Through the wood1.69 km15 m0.7%
Wormit Turn off To Newburgh Sign17.96 km-164 m-0.2%
T junction to top!4.90 km102 m1.8%
Up the Gutchers1.44 km45 m3.1%
Gauldry Dig0.60 km40 m6.6%
OLD VERSION - brownie wood to muirs den4.48 km101 m2.3%
Gauldry Signpost to Newburgh Signpost14.86 km-164 m-0.7%
Coultra sprint going west0.68 km34 m4.9%
Hazelton to Burton Sign Descent 4.25 km-93 m-2.2%
Hazelton Walls heading west2.51 km-89 m-3.6%
Hazelton Walls to Newburgh10.59 km-141 m-1.3%
Black Earnside climb2.71 km39 m1.4%
Kryptonite Hill2.28 km56 m2.5%
Mini Kryptonite1.20 km38 m3.1%
A913 Climb0.82 km19 m2.3%
Up to Lindores1.24 km25 m2.0%
Lindores Collessie Sprint4.63 km-31 m-0.4%
Caimie hill7.94 km-70 m-0.5%
Golden Loch North4.63 km31 m0.5%
Newburgh Sprint0.24 km-3 m-1.2%