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Bronte Sportive 2023 Heathcliff Route

Cycling Route

97.78 mi
11,015 ft
Created By
Jeremy ATC C

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Halifax Road Climb1.08 mi223 ft3.9%
Memorial to Old Hall0.18 mi95 ft9.6%
Chris Mitchell Memorial Hill Climb0.34 mi194 ft10.8%
Cobbles-Lighthouse lane->Emmas0.16 mi75 ft8.6%
Cock Hill from Shaw Lane1.91 mi636 ft6.3%
Top bit1.21 mi361 ft5.6%
Top of Cock Hill To Nutclough4.02 mi-1,010 ft-4.6%
pecket well to corner0.49 mi-223 ft-8.1%
World Tour descent0.71 mi-276 ft-7.3%
Hebden Lump - Avoiding the traffic lights - Don't even think about flagging this segment :-D0.05 mi10 ft2.7%
Lead out 0.77 mi-49 ft-1.2%
Cragg Vale - Junction to just shy of the Junction5.92 mi965 ft3.1%
Bridge to Cragg Clock1.52 mi246 ft3.0%
OFFICIAL 100Climbs No138 Cragg Vale5.45 mi942 ft3.2%
Cragg Road - steep bit1.25 mi315 ft4.8%
Cragg Steep Bit !0.17 mi75 ft8.1%
Cragg Vale (top half)2.54 mi305 ft2.3%
Tour de France end of Cragg0.36 mi-10 ft-0.2%
Through the twisty's! ear slider down 0.81 mi-335 ft-7.8%
Blackstone Edge 1st Bend to Moorcock1.26 mi-469 ft-7.0%
Flying Without Wings0.86 mi-256 ft-5.6%
Littleborough to Walsden3.24 mi197 ft0.5%
Roadworks to Tod centre4.33 mi-243 ft-0.6%
Full gas0.19 mi-16 ft-1.3%
Grandma Pollards Chippy Run1.09 mi-62 ft-0.8%
Tod to Eastwood 1.88 mi-46 ft-0.4%
Church Lane till Colden Road0.17 mi98 ft10.5%
OFFICIAL 100Climbs No139 Mytholm Steeps2.00 mi764 ft7.2%
The bit worth doing.0.47 mi423 ft16.7%
Mytholm Steeps Climb0.52 mi466 ft16.6%
Smithy Lane (Jack Bridge)0.51 mi135 ft4.6%
Z0.23 mi157 ft12.4%
Widdop Climb2.14 mi351 ft3.1%
Keighley Rd Climb1.50 mi279 ft3.5%
moor lane all the way1.51 mi528 ft6.6%
Carleton to Skipton Sign0.77 mi-56 ft-1.2%
Ramper Blast0.32 mi-16 ft-1.0%
Skipton BS Climb0.34 mi92 ft5.0%
skipton castle0.59 mi154 ft4.9%
Emsay climb0.41 mi89 ft4.0%
Up and down Barden Moor2.82 mi453 ft0.3%
Barden proper1.20 mi384 ft6.0%
Descent before Barden0.90 mi-489 ft-10.1%
Strid Wood Drag0.76 mi138 ft3.4%
Bluebell to Cavendish1.55 mi-157 ft-0.7%
Lodge Sprint0.77 mi-161 ft-4.0%
Archway sprint0.35 mi16 ft0.3%
Hesketh Farm Park Hill Climb 1.67 mi341 ft3.7%
Like comets blazing trails0.19 mi82 ft7.9%
VSCC Hold on!0.97 mi472 ft9.2%