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Hilton to Hilton with Harbour Bridge Crossing

Running Route

13.28 km
336 m
Running through Royal Botanical Garden, around Sydney Opera House, across Sydney Harbour Bridge, newly built Barangaroo reserve...what else would you wish? Only challenge is it it quite tough course!
Created By
Hidetaka T

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Hardy Style 0.17 km7 m3.8%
AM Short Route4.21 km-37 m-0.1%
HURT Gate to Gate (Stone Pillars to Opera House)2.88 km-50 m-1.6%
Art Gallery to Opera House2.79 km-23 m-0.7%
Corrine Chan rocks!2.50 km-28 m-0.5%
'loo Gate to Mrs Macs1.10 km-21 m-1.3%
Farm Cove/Opera House2.57 km22 m0.1%
Pool to the Chair Run0.55 km-21 m-1.0%
Miracle Mile1.61 km21 m0.6%
Miracle Mile - MM Style1.64 km23 m0.6%
[Jono's] One Mile if you dare E2W1.63 km23 m0.2%
Scenic Mile AC1.63 km-115 m-0.1%
Around Farm Cove 1.29 km22 m0.9%
Mrs Macquarie's Chair 30s Sprints0.16 km12 m7.4%
Farm Cove flats1.29 km22 m0.6%
Tempo - MMC to gate0.24 km2 m0.5%
Horseboys Horn1.16 km21 m0.2%
MMC Stairs-Opera Bar Stairs mile1.61 km-21 m-0.8%
Stairs to gate 1.01 km-21 m-0.0%
[Jono's] Gate to Gate E2W0.92 km20 m0.3%
[CT] Gardens gate to bubbler0.38 km11 m1.0%
The Horseshoe 4000.41 km-8 m-1.6%
Tempo - bubbler to OH gate0.29 km-2 m-0.3%
Utzon's U0.49 km5 m0.5%
Opera House Eastside Dash0.19 km-12 m-5.8%
Opera House Stretch0.42 km11 m0.9%
NRC HIT + Run Hill Effort0.21 km7 m3.3%
Cahill Expressway 1k Climb1.02 km24 m0.5%
Cahill climb - Macquarie to SHB0.86 km30 m1.5%
Cahill Expressway - park to bridge0.84 km17 m0.9%
Cahill Expressway Climb0.69 km27 m2.4%
Cahill Expressway uphill climb to stairs0.41 km23 m4.2%
Sydney Harbour Bridge South Steps to North Steps1.50 km21 m0.0%
Harboar Bridge The Rocks - Kiribilli1.40 km-39 m-0.1%
Harbour Bridge Pylons (South to North)0.54 km16 m2.1%
Broughton Rise0.20 km33 m16.1%
Olympic Dr Climb0.50 km43 m8.3%
Alfred Street Pinch0.40 km28 m6.9%
North to South Bridge 1.61 km42 m0.1%
Sydney Harbour Bridge: top Nth stairs to top Sth stairs1.49 km58 m0.5%
Sydney Harbour Bridge0.78 km9 m0.3%
Harbour Bridge 1k N to S0.98 km-18 m-1.3%
Pylon to pylon (south)0.51 km-6 m-0.2%
Sydney Harbour Bridge-Downhill0.82 km39 m4.7%
Barangaroo Point Park Counterclock wise0.77 km-3 m-0.1%
Headland Park South0.69 km-2 m-0.2%
Barangaroo Stretch0.51 km-22 m-0.4%
Hickson Rd End out of the park0.52 km12 m2.2%
Hickson Road South (400m)0.43 km5 m0.9%
Hickson Road0.82 km18 m2.2%