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Scotland: Belach Na Ba og Applecross

Cycling Route

99.42 km
1,890 m
Created By
Gjermund Kvåle Jordheim

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Ferry no more4.72 km-25 m-0.1%
Kishorn Hill and Bealach19.22 km628 m3.2%
A896 climb from Lochcarron2.25 km137 m6.1%
Steep Out of Lochcarron1.74 km130 m7.4%
Two Sheeps to the wind7.62 km-138 m-1.8%
896 downhill1.78 km-77 m-4.1%
Bealach Na Ba12.30 km621 m3.2%
Bealach Na Ba Lower Slopes 4.31 km175 m4.0%
Tornapress-Applecross over the Bealach17.89 km628 m0.1%
Bealach na Ba bridge to CPark9.61 km624 m6.4%
Bealach na Ba westbound from Tornapress9.32 km627 m6.7%
OFFICIAL 100Climbs No69 Bealach-na-Ba9.19 km626 m6.8%
Applecross lap from Tornapress Clockwise68.38 km-631 m-0.0%
Sea level to the summit9.43 km623 m6.4%
Belach Na Ba from signpost8.35 km608 m7.3%
LEJOG Hardcore 15.88.13 km607 m7.4%
B na ba from uphill7.87 km598 m7.5%
A896 Climb1.53 km114 m7.4%
Bealach - Steep bit3.16 km315 m10.0%
A896 Climb0.63 km120 m18.8%
Bealach hairpins0.89 km78 m8.8%
A896 Climb0.88 km87 m9.9%
Top of Bealach to Applecross8.60 km-610 m-7.1%
descent from top of bealach na ba 7.79 km-554 m-7.1%
Bealach na Ba descent after viewpoint8.15 km-614 m-7.5%
Na Ba Viewpoint To Applecross Descent7.57 km-553 m-7.3%
Time to let go of the brakes...6.08 km-413 m-6.8%
Applecross Coast North20.63 km74 m0.1%
bay + sand hill2.95 km-72 m-0.3%
Applecross to Sands7.71 km63 m0.4%
Ego Massage37.34 km134 m0.0%
Clachan Climb1.14 km26 m2.3%
Sand Climb0.64 km47 m7.3%
Sand Descent1.05 km-37 m-3.3%
sand-viewpoint7.58 km44 m0.4%
Kalnakill0.54 km27 m4.9%
Cuaig Kicker0.26 km13 m4.8%
Fearnmore Ramp0.42 km29 m6.3%
Rise out of Kenmore toward Shieldaig2.47 km100 m4.0%
Cliff Run1.72 km-119 m-6.6%
Bealach Beag Final Grind5.22 km58 m0.3%
Inverbain Climb0.66 km57 m8.5%
Glen Shieldaig5.80 km109 m1.9%
Loch Dughail to Tornapress12.63 km-130 m-0.2%
A896 Climb2.58 km94 m3.6%
Last Push into Lochcarron8.45 km-151 m-0.1%
A896 Climb1.89 km80 m4.2%
Down into Lochcarron2.01 km-150 m-7.4%
Descent to Loch Arron0.49 km-45 m-9.1%
Lochcarron to old croft4.80 km21 m0.4%