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Cycling Weekly - Ride 2 (A44 - Arch - Cwtch - Llanilar)

Cycling Route

60.63 km
960 m
Created By
Anita S

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Roundabout Sprints0.56 km7 m0.9%
Aberystwyth to Ponterwyd17.28 km311 m1.3%
Roundabout to Bridge0.90 km20 m0.2%
Ind est > Goginan sliproad7.81 km133 m1.6%
Lovesgrove Flat Outbound1.61 km-8 m-0.2%
Lovesgrove to Nant yr Arian TT ascent10.26 km306 m3.0%
Roundabout to Lay-by, Nant 10.07 km305 m3.0%
Blaengeuffordd rise0.32 km9 m2.9%
A44 (Capel Bangor to Nant-y-Arian) 6.65 km274 m4.1%
A44 Climb4.42 km173 m3.9%
Nant Climb6.53 km279 m4.3%
JF 8s+/-3.25 km122 m3.8%
A44 Climb1.35 km84 m6.2%
A44 Climb1.15 km90 m7.8%
A44 Climb - Last 1km0.65 km34 m5.3%
A44 Climb - Sprint Finish0.49 km24 m4.8%
Llywernog i George2.41 km-58 m-2.4%
Pantyffynnon Climb0.62 km156 m25.0%
Ponterwyd to Devils Bridge4.75 km-71 m-0.7%
Y Mynach - Ponterwyd to Tynffordd climb1.41 km37 m2.6%
Hafod Inn to the Arch climb3.02 km184 m6.1%
B4574 Rd Climb2.99 km185 m6.2%
Devil's Bridge Falls to the Arch2.79 km178 m6.2%
Hafod to the top 1.77 km66 m3.7%
Hafod down to Pont1.32 km-134 m-10.1%
B4574 Descent1.09 km-103 m-9.1%
B4343 Climb0.70 km31 m5.1%
Pontrhydygroes descent2.20 km-64 m-2.9%
Llanilar TT from the turn8.08 km-41 m-0.5%
Black Covert Run in2.65 km-10 m-0.3%
Trawscoed to Llanilar4.64 km-27 m-0.6%
Cycle Path to Llanilar4.40 km-19 m-0.3%
Into Llanilar sprint0.26 km-3 m-0.9%
Llanilar to Llanfarian4.79 km-36 m-0.3%
The Stick that Breaks the Camels Back0.24 km16 m5.2%
Pentrellyn - Llanfarian3.87 km-34 m-0.6%
Up Abermad0.56 km-5 m-0.5%
4 foot high on Abermad promenade0.67 km16 m2.4%
Figure Four Back Road Climb0.86 km27 m3.0%
Gate to Gate1.78 km-7 m-0.3%
Tan-y-Bwlch Cycle Path (Rhydyfelin to Aberystwyth)1.69 km-6 m-0.3%
M1 Mile 1.30 km-4 m-0.2%
Get the Power Down!0.28 km-7 m-1.0%
Quick Pull up onto North Road0.09 km4 m3.8%
Plascrug Avenue Climb0.82 km147 m18.0%
Cwps Corner Sprint to Llangawsai0.79 km0 m0.0%