Tour de Tech - West Ilsley route

Cycling Route

39.76 km
522 m
Start at The Harrow, Main Street, West Ilsley, Newbury, RG20 7AR
Created By
Oxford Capital

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
West Ilsley to East Ilsley2.27 km-24 m-0.3%
Ilsley humps1.86 km-24 m-0.2%
This is the real quiz0.28 km22 m7.7%
Kick out of West Ilsley0.09 km3 m2.0%
Kick into East Ilsley0.28 km23 m8.2%
Rush0.80 km-26 m-3.2%
Fidler's Sprint0.34 km-8 m-2.3%
(Minor) kick out of East Ilsley0.52 km11 m2.0%
Straight into Compton2.48 km-22 m-0.4%
Sunrise to Mayfield2.06 km-20 m-1.0%
Compton Climb0.91 km28 m3.1%
Compton Straight Down1.05 km-35 m-3.4%
Hampstead Norreys climb0.44 km14 m3.0%
Hampstead Norreys hill climb from roundabout0.14 km3 m2.3%
Newbury Hill...the steep bit0.21 km12 m5.4%
Norreys Hermitage tester4.83 km40 m0.4%
Newbury Hill0.39 km14 m2.8%
Hampstead to Hermitage3.65 km35 m0.9%
Rise to Common Barn1.48 km22 m1.3%
To farmhouse0.31 km8 m2.6%
Farmhouse Bite0.19 km11 m5.6%
Final B4009 segment1.07 km10 m0.9%
Go with the flow0.99 km-22 m-1.9%
Hermitage to Chieveley run2.50 km21 m0.7%
A34 Bridge to the Pub0.63 km15 m1.9%
MTB - Chieveley Free Wheel.0.69 km-19 m-2.6%
What a drag!0.62 km21 m3.5%
MTB - Chieveley Free Wheel 21.06 km-18 m-1.6%
Winterbourne to Boxford Church2.83 km-50 m-0.3%
Winterbourne Wood climb0.32 km19 m5.7%
The Leckhampstead Thicket Thrash1.32 km31 m2.2%
Hangmans to Brightwalton3.74 km51 m1.4%
Leckhampstead Thicket to Brightwalton2.31 km22 m0.9%
Copse Drop1.01 km-22 m-2.1%
The ups and downs through Catmore 4.38 km54 m0.0%
Up to the church1.19 km27 m2.3%
Lilley Hill1.89 km48 m2.4%
Down Hill to West Ilsley 2.39 km-68 m-2.8%