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London to Cambridge cycle event route 2017

Cycling Route

93.38 km
754 m
London to Cambridge cycle event route 2017
Created By
Chris Humberston

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
King Georges Reservoir EB1.48 km-7 m-0.3%
Gilwell Hill0.48 km20 m3.8%
dawes to mott1.20 km-6 m-0.5%
Roydon to Stanstead Abbotts Climb0.89 km18 m1.9%
Halfway House (sprint)1.09 km7 m0.4%
Das Helmut Stinger1.23 km17 m0.7%
Newfield Plantation (sprint)0.30 km5 m1.5%
The Madness of Rhodes Sprint0.26 km-2 m-0.2%
Oak (climb)0.51 km6 m1.0%
Hunsdon Road (climb)1.28 km14 m1.1%
Hadham Mill (climb)0.26 km13 m4.3%
Wynches (sprint)0.41 km5 m0.7%
Ginns Road to Stocking Pelham1.44 km36 m2.5%
Wicken Bonhunt Descent0.52 km-28 m-5.3%
Wenden Road Climb out of Arkesden0.35 km21 m5.9%
Quicksie up and swoopy down2.08 km-49 m-1.0%
arkesden tech0.47 km-23 m-4.6%
arkesden "straight" down seg0.97 km-37 m-3.7%
Royston Road short drag2.28 km24 m0.9%
Essex Hill1.31 km43 m3.2%
Essex Hill Climb0.62 km29 m4.6%
Wizz Down to Duxford6.17 km-84 m-0.8%
Get Quick...Get Set...Go!!!1.97 km-46 m-2.3%
Sprint to the finish4.53 km-67 m-1.5%
Barbara Windsor2.22 km-50 m-1.2%
Back down to ickleton1.35 km-48 m-3.5%
Ickleton to Cambridge Sprint26.83 km-89 m-0.3%
Grange Road sprint to Ickleton0.79 km-11 m-0.9%
Ickleton to Duxford2.35 km10 m0.2%
nORTH ROAD SHORT0.93 km-8 m-0.4%
Whittlesford Flight1.38 km-13 m-0.9%
MM 2 Leg 3 - Whittlesford to Harston5.20 km-13 m-0.1%
Whittlesford to Newton2.97 km-11 m-0.1%
Whittlesford to M11 bridge0.72 km5 m0.6%
M11 bridge to Newton rush1.82 km-12 m-0.6%
Newton to Harston1.77 km-13 m-0.2%
MM 2 Leg 4 - Harston to Barton6.34 km21 m0.0%
Harston to Haslingfield2.13 km10 m0.1%
Haslingfield Drag0.82 km18 m2.1%
Haslingfield to A603 (Wimpole Road)3.17 km-20 m-0.5%
Haslingfield 1 mile1.73 km-16 m-0.8%
Barton Rd (N)1.31 km-5 m-0.1%
Barton Mile1.54 km-7 m-0.2%
from stream to stream0.92 km2 m0.0%
Haslingfield - Barton2.37 km9 m0.1%
Hill top sprint0.26 km5 m0.2%
Bourn Brook Sprint0.84 km8 m0.3%
Sean's Sprint0.47 km-7 m-1.6%
Straight sprint1.16 km-10 m-0.8%
Barton rd2.41 km-5 m-0.1%