Cycling Route

138.43 km
2,751 m
Created By
The Racing Collective

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
out of kilburn ( just the climbing )0.65 km34 m5.3%
car park to the top0.53 km58 m10.9%
Last kick0.29 km34 m11.5%
Black Hambelton Descent1.26 km-116 m-9.2%
Style to Gate Down0.15 km-14 m-9.0%
Leg Burner0.40 km16 m4.0%
Chequers to Sheepwash Drovers road2.07 km-67 m-2.7%
Drovers road - sheep wash1.04 km-47 m-4.5%
Drover's Road to Sheep Wash Decent0.22 km-24 m-10.9%
Speed is your friend0.10 km-11 m-10.7%
Sheepwash to Swainby descent2.27 km-132 m-5.8%
Goldgate Lane1.65 km14 m0.1%
A172 to Faceby1.08 km25 m2.3%
Into Faceby Village0.84 km22 m2.6%
Sutton Arms Hill Sprint0.10 km5 m4.9%
Faceby To Carlton1.74 km-12 m-0.3%
Finishing strait0.68 km-1 m-0.0%
Carlton Climb to 1st Cattle Grid1.11 km85 m7.5%
OFFICIAL 100Climbs No58 Carlton Bank2.02 km199 m9.8%
Carlton Bank Start - Chop Gate7.66 km205 m0.9%
Carlton Bank1.88 km190 m10.1%
SW HC Sec 10.71 km51 m7.2%
SW HC Sec 20.46 km54 m11.6%
Carlton bank corner to top0.81 km98 m12.0%
SW HC Sec 30.30 km43 m14.1%
SW HC Sec 40.34 km44 m12.8%
sprint for the glider track0.32 km27 m8.4%
Carlton Bank 200 mtr Sprint Finish0.19 km16 m8.5%
Lord Stones to Chop Gate5.36 km-130 m-2.3%
Harry Wath Descent2.51 km-97 m-3.9%
Sprint at the end of Harry Wath Descent0.45 km17 m3.7%
Up The Back of Clay Bank4.44 km103 m2.3%
Clay Reverse0.92 km62 m6.7%
ingleby horseshoe4.07 km-66 m-0.4%
Battersby Incline1.17 km194 m16.6%
Bloworth to Westerdale turning4.91 km-47 m-0.9%
OFFICIAL 100Climbs No55 Rosedale Chimney1.34 km183 m13.6%
Rosedale Chimney - LVG1.43 km181 m12.6%
Head down to the top0.46 km37 m7.9%
Chimney Bank to Bents Lane4.85 km-185 m-3.8%
Levisham Station SOB0.52 km51 m9.9%
Bridleway diversion Braygate0.91 km58 m6.3%
Cattle Grid to Levisham0.96 km-24 m-0.2%
Shortcut to Dalby0.90 km-87 m-9.0%
Bickley DH To The First Bend!!!!0.51 km-52 m-10.0%
5 Mile Hike8.44 km205 m2.3%
pdNYM-514.28 km196 m0.4%
Moor2C - Newton Descent3.29 km-70 m-2.1%
SPEED!1.03 km-115 m-11.1%