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Viaduct Oude Gestelseweg (zuidkant)

Ride Segment 'S Hertogenbosch, Noord-Brabant, The Netherlands
  • Distance0.37km
  • Avg Grade1%
  • Lowest Elev-3m
  • Highest Elev3m
  • Elev Difference5m
  • 31,396 Attempts By 6,331 People

Overall Leaderboard

Rank Name Time
1 Bartel G. 27s
1 Martijn V. 27s
3 Wj S. 28s
3 Robin B. 28s
3 Thijs O. 28s
3 Johnny van der Sanden 28s
3 Guus Kruis 28s
8 Roderick D. 29s
8 Jebbe Sluiter 29s
8 Andreas H. 29s

Women's Leaderboard

Rank Name Time
1 Mara van Doremalen 30s
2 Marieke D. 33s
3 tjitske van kerkvoorde 34s
3 Laura S. 34s
3 Dareczka Wasowicz- Kemps 34s
6 Anika R. 35s
7 Marielle S. 36s
7 Wendy B. 36s
7 Marije Hofman 36s
10 Famke V. 37s

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