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Ligne droite des stands du Circuit Bugatti

Ride Segment Le Mans, Pays de la Loire, France
  • Distance0.63km
  • Avg Grade2.4%
  • Lowest Elev50m
  • Highest Elev66m
  • Elev Difference16m
  • 178,851 Attempts By 3,610 People

Overall Leaderboard

Rank Name Time
1 Nicolas Sachot 41s
1 Seb D. 41s
3 Cyrille N. 42s
3 Thomas Badouille 42s
5 Mael Nivinou 43s
5 Quentin N. 43s
7 benoit boucher 44s
7 Arnaud B. 44s
7 Pierre E. 44s
7 Gillou Deroues 44s

Women's Leaderboard

Rank Name Time
1 Solenne Billouin 49s
1 Juliette Ldn 49s
3 Mathilde T. 50s
4 Rebeca Fonseca 51s
5 Charline Le Gallo 52s
5 Léa Bonnafous 52s
5 Jennyfer Bizeray 52s
8 Cécile M. 53s
8 Fanny Stumpf 53s
8 Zøé H. 53s

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