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Fin chrono D1 Climb Avant D64.

Ride Segment Tourves, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France
  • Distance0.30km
  • Avg Grade2.3%
  • Lowest Elev337m
  • Highest Elev345m
  • Elev Difference8m
  • 12,381 Attempts By 2,355 People

Overall Leaderboard

Rank Name Time
1 Flo S. 19s
2 Floryan A. 21s
2 Nicolas Chatelet 21s
4 Christian F. 22s
4 Bleuse Léclair 22s
4 Julien T. 22s
4 Raymond, Mondyf@f@ 22s
4 Sébastien dit "Barbe" CYCLES TINAZZI 22s
4 Jean Yves F 22s
4 Emmanuel Chaoul 22s

Women's Leaderboard

Rank Name Time
1 Florie Falchero 27s
2 Priscilla Da 28s
3 christelle mosna 29s
3 Siegrid S. 29s
5 Fabienne B. 30s
5 Sarah T. 30s
7 Christelle B. 31s
7 Silke Lambert 31s
7 Anaëlle Mortier 31s
10 Virginie Castell 32s

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