Stand With Us

Each and every day we strive to improve Strava for you the athlete. We are athletes too, just like you. As the Strava community grows, we all need to follow a few simple guidelines to ensure that Strava’s impact is positive.

This is what we, the Strava community, stand for:

  • We Know The Rules.
  • We Rest.
  • We Give Kudos to Sportsmanship.
  • We Think Ahead.
  • We've Got Each Other’s Backs.

1 We Know The Rules.

Laws and rules are created for our protection. Cycling, running and swimming are inherently dangerous and following the law, and common sense, when it comes to traffic, weather, or conditions, reduces our odds of getting hurt or hurting others. It's as simple as that.

2 We Rest.

We listen to our bodies to avoid injury and we inspire in ways other than by being number one. We don't burn ourselves out. We enjoy our recovery days because they too tell our story on Strava.

3 We Give Kudos to Sportsmanship.

We all want to get kudos by being great at our sport. We are courteous and treat others with respect. We earn our spots on the leaderboards through clean competition.

4 We Think Ahead.

We showcase a lot of awesome data about where we go, who we work out with and how we push ourselves. If we don't want everyone to know what we're up to, we take the necessary privacy precautions before we upload, like setting privacy zones and choosing who can follow us and what they can see.

5 We've Got Each Other’s Backs.

We watch out for one another. The community does what it can to keep things safe for everyone by looking out for potentially dangerous situations and flagging segments as hazardous.

If you want to be part of Strava’s community, we’d like you to stand with us and take these guideposts to heart.