Turramurra Fire Trails

Running Route

13.26 km
356 m
Surface: Fire trail Grade: Hilly
Created By
Tim Locke
February 11, 2019·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Detour past Samuel King0.12 km16 m-12.6%
Fiona Ave Climb0.61 km51 m8.3%
Clissold to Jubes1.66 km53 m1.7%
Clissold to Barton/Grosvenor3.48 km55 m0.5%
Clissold to Grosvenor4.12 km55 m0.7%
Nentoura Place Switchback Climb0.87 km54 m6.0%
Golden Jubilee switchback climb0.90 km52 m4.2%
Inbetween0.81 km28 m2.6%
Jeepers0.32 km34 m9.2%
Grosvenor to Clissold4.13 km54 m-0.7%
Climb to Jubes0.46 km27 m3.6%
Nentoura Pl Climb0.34 km42 m12.1%
Jubes to Clissold1.63 km54 m-1.9%