The Abraham's Tea Round

Running Route

46.73 km
3,196 m
Created By
George Fisher
October 22, 2019·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Cherrydidi to Blacks0.18 km3 m-1.6%
The Portinscale Dash Reverse0.76 km3 m-0.2%
Offroad short climb past Portinscale0.31 km40 m12.8%
Lingholm undulations1.02 km13 m0.8%
Catbells north ridge ending once you crest1.79 km319 m17.8%
Bottom to top1.69 km319 m18.6%
First Catbells Push0.76 km187 m24.5%
Catbells north ridge1.58 km250 m15.8%
Catbells Climb 1.58 km292 m18.4%
Segment0.77 km115 m14.8%
Catbells descent to little town1.67 km275 m-16.4%
B5289 Climb1.43 km93 m6.5%
Newlands Church to Gill Brow field gate0.50 km37 m7.4%
Up to the ridge0.56 km145 m25.4%
Robinson Ridge2.32 km368 m15.8%
Honister Pass Climb0.88 km111 m12.6%
Robinson Shoulder to B5289 Descent1.86 km588 m-31.6%
B5289 Climb0.47 km50 m10.5%
RP summit to lake shore 2.15 km641 m-29.7%
Red Pike rocky path descent1.09 km292 m-26.7%
Ghyll wood Climb1.04 km173 m16.6%
Rannerdale Knotts to Whiteless Pike1.57 km359 m22.7%
Whinlatter Pass Climb0.88 km119 m13.5%
Whinlatter Pass Climb0.49 km81 m16.3%
B5289 Climb1.04 km227 m21.9%
Eel Crag pull0.47 km152 m32.3%
Crag Hill to Sail0.74 km106 m-9.2%
B5289 Climb0.40 km42 m10.5%
Sail to Causey2.29 km178 m-6.7%
Sail bends0.65 km133 m-20.2%
Grisedale Pike Path Climb0.38 km40 m10.5%
Grisedale Pike Path Climb0.40 km44 m10.9%
Little Climb0.25 km57 m22.4%
Barrow Blast0.50 km67 m12.8%
Barrow Fell Race up to Barrow0.48 km66 m13.0%
Barrow to Finsh1.68 km307 m-18.2%
Barrow Ridge down1.08 km203 m-18.7%
Barrow Descent 1.54 km296 m-19.2%
Barrow descent to first gate1.40 km280 m-19.9%
The Portinscale Dash0.78 km2 m-0.3%