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The Best Hiking Trails in Zion National Park, UT

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Zion National Park in Springfield, Utah is one of the top destinations in the United States for hikers and walkers. The park covers 229 square miles, but Zion Canyon is the primary attraction for most visitors. In Zion Canyon, there are dozens of stunning hiking trails to choose from.

The Watchman Trail, Angels Landing, and The Emerald Pools trail are all top rated hikes, each with their own character. There are family friendly hikes, challenging all day hikes, and options for the seriously adventurous.

At Strava, we use data from millions of hikes to give you the most accurate information before you head out on trail. This list of top hikes in Zion National Park will help you have a memorable trail adventure.

Top 10 hiking trails in Zion National Park, UT


The Watchman Trail

2.77 mi(1h 13m)·
513 ft
From the bank of the Virgin River to the top of a stunning rock formation, The Watchman Trail is a great hiking option near the entrance to Zion Canyon in Zion National park. The trail follows an out and back route. Because of the steep sections and switchbacks, most hikers consider this a moderate hike. From the top you’ll have southern views to The Watchman and views north to The Beehive and The Sentinel. The views of the canyon, the park entrance, and the town of Springfield below are definitely worth the trip.

Canyon Overlook Trail

0.83 mi(29m)·
721 ft
Just on the other side of the Zion-Mount Carmel Tunnel is the short and sweet Canyon Overlook Trail. This quick out-and-back route takes you to magical views of Pine Creek Canyon. From here you’ll be able to see all the way to Zion Canyon and take in the stunning beauty of the rock formations of Zion National Park. The trail is short, but includes steep sections, so appropriate footwear is definitely recommended. Note that the National Park shuttle bus does not stop here, and the parking lot is small. Take that into consideration when planning to hike the Canyon Overlook Trail.

Timber Creek Overlook Trail

1.14 mi(37m)·
163 ft
The Timber Creek Overlook Trail is a spectacular hike in the Kolob Canyons, a less visited section of Zion National Park. Zion Canyon is the star of the park, but The Kolob Canyons hold the whole thing together. Take a short drive from the Zion Canyon main entrance, and you’ll find a less busy but equally breathtaking section of the park. The Timber Creek Overlook Trail is an easy out and back route of just over a mile. From the viewpoint at its end, you’ll be treated to views of the magnificent Kolob Canyons. On a clear day, you might even be able to see all the way south to the Kaibab Plateau on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.

Observation Point via East Mesa Trail

6.99 mi(2h 43m)·
716 ft
The Observation Point Via East Mesa trail takes the bold hiker from the East Mesa trailhead to a vista hundreds of feet higher than Angels Landing. This is one of the most spectacular spots along the East Rim of Zion Canyon. The trail follows an out and back route. It is not particularly steep, but because of the length most hikers consider this a moderate hike. Check out the photos from the community and get excited for the stunning views from the top.

Riverside Walk

1.85 mi(36m)·
112 ft
The Riverside Walk in Zion National Park is a stunningly beautiful, family friendly, and accessible hiking trail. Take the shuttle to The Temple of Sinawava. From there you’ll meander along the Virgin River. You'll be surrounded by towering red rock cliffs and lush vegetation. The out-and-back trail is paved and designed to be accessible to wheelchair users, but be sure to check with park officials as sand often makes the path difficult for adaptive hikers to navigate. This trail is the starting point for those attempting the longer Narrows Hike, so you may see hikers in waterproof gear making their way towards the deeper reaches of the canyon.

Emerald Pools Trail

2.26 mi(1h 2m)·
608 ft
The Emerald Pools Trail is a classic Zion National Park hike that treats hikers to stunning waterfalls and beautiful ponds full of emerald green water. The trail is fairly easy and family friendly although there will be a few instances where you’ll have to navigate some boulders. The Emerald pools trail follows a loop route. There are several waterfalls and several levels of pools. Once you get up there, feel free to explore. There is beauty around every corner.

Kolob Arch Trail

13.99 mi(5h 45m)·
1,844 ft
The Kolob Arch trail is a stunning, full day hike to a natural rock bridge in the quieter Kolob Canyons of Zion National Park. The Kolob Canyons are less frequently visited than Zion Canyon but they are no less beautiful. The Kolob Arch Trail follows an out and back route. Because of the length and elevation change, most hikers consider this a harder trail. Check out the pictures from the community to get an idea of the stunning natural rock arch at the end of the trail.

Taylor Creek Trail

4.91 mi(2h 7m)·
768 ft
The Taylor Creek Trail is a great hike along the bed of the Middle Fork of Taylor Creek in The Kolob Canyons of Zion National park. The trail follows an out and back route. Because of the length, most hikers consider this a moderate trail. The Kolob Canyons are usually a bit quieter that Zion Canyon, so if you’re looking to escape into the stunning nature of Zion National Park, it’s worth the drive. Get a sense of what you’ll see along the trail by checking out the photos from the Strava community.

Pa'rus Trail

3.17 mi(1h 6m)·
136 ft
The Pa’rus Trail is a family friendly canyon-side trail along the banks of the Virgin River in Zion National Park. Along the trail there will be several options to venture deeper and higher into various areas of the park if you see fit. The Pa’rus Trail follows an out and back route, and most hikers consider this an easier hike. Check out the trail map to learn more about all the connected and nearby hikes.

Angels Landing

3.45 mi(2h 3m)·
1,585 ft
The Angels Landing Trail in Zion National Park is an unforgettable hiking experience. You'll follow the West Rim Trail up the side of a steep cliff, with breathtaking views of the canyon below. As you near the top, you'll hike a series of switchbacks known as Walters Wiggles before arriving at Scout's Lookout. From there, the last section of the trail involves climbing iron rungs and chains to the summit of the Angels Landing rock formation. You'll need a permit to go beyond Scout's Lookout. Rangers will be there to confirm your permit and entry time. Get your permit and get ready for an unforgettable hiking experience. Permit information: <a href=""></a>